What is a chaperone?

The chaperone is either a parent/shliach/shlucha/shliach employee.

What is the chaperones primary responsibility

Travel with the children, and make sure they are brought to the program and picked up

How many chaperones come per chabad house

How ever many you feel neceseaary, it will cost an additional $54 for each chaperone.

What if the chaperone does not want to participate in anything, just pickup and drop off

We don't advise this. But they dont need to pay if they don't eat or participate

What will a parent chaperone do during the shabbaton?

There will a parent program, alongside the children's program. Some of the program will be with the children, other parts not.

What does a shliach chaperone do?

A shliach chaperone will be responsible for drop off and pick up as well as joining/helping out with the trip to manhattan on friday.