International Jewq Championship


Sunday March 15th/19th of Adar

One school champion and the top two contestants from each Hebrew School (by highest mark) join in an outstanding Shabbaton in New York City for the international championship!

On Sunday, March 15th there will be the international Championships. 

JewQ Championship

*Important that the child coming knows the below information .*​

 How does it work?

There are two parts to the event, a game show and an award ceremony.

Game show:

Every child that comes on the Shabbaton, goes on stage for the game show, and will be quizzed on information from all three tests. The game show will be ran as teams, not individual children. There will be one winning team.


Award ceremony:

There will be a test on Thursday night. The test will be on all the material they learned from all three tests. 


The marks will be as follows:

70%-79% will receive a bronze medal.
80% -94% will receive a silver medal.
95%-120% will receive a gold medal


JewQ Champion of 2020-5780
The child from each grade with the highest mark, will be crowned the JewQ Champion of 2020-5780.


There is only one champion per grade. If there are two children with an equal mark, a Judge will ask them questions fairly until one is crowned the winner (this will be done in private).