Where children become experts in the fundamentals of Judaism while competing 
with children from around the world!

Master Jewish Knowledge

The 4th Annual JewQ International Torah Championship

Jewish children everywhere are joining the competition. Kids are motivated to learn, review, and take tests, mastering the basics of living Jewish.
Who will become the next JewQ champion?

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Each grade is assigned a different chapter. Prayers, holidays, Jewish heroes — in what subject will you become an expert?  

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JewQ’s online gamezone is as fun as it is educational. Knowledge becomes second nature with practice, practice, practice.

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3 tests, taken at Hebrew school or online, check how well you measure up.

Get a qualifying score and you’ll be rewarded!

The CKids Shabbaton

An unforgettable weekend in NYC celebrating the JewQ champions. Score an average of at least 70% on all 3 tests and you’ll earn a spot!

Winners of the regional championships plus the top two contestants from each school will be named the JewQ PROS. They’ll be invited to compete live onstage at the International Torah Championship.

All Participating Champions will be awarded a JewQ medal!

The International Torah Championship

JewQ's International Growth

A Family's JewQ Journey