JewQ - The International Torah Championship

Where children become experts in the fundamentals of Judaism, while competing 

with children from around the world!

This year,​ JewQ is back better than ever, with options to learn in school or at home

JewQ is ready to power through the Covid Era!

Will you be a JewQ Champion?!

Build your knowledge

Learn and get tested on basic concepts in Judaism. Master the material along with children from Chabad Hebrew Schools around the world! Get a 70% and go on a grand trip!

School Championship

Join with participating children for an exciting and interactive school championship.

International Championship

Winners of the School championships and the top two contestants from each school join in a Grand Shabbaton in New York City for the international championship!

*If it is not possible to host a Shabbaton this year, CKids will offer the champions a selection of quality prizes based on the medal they earned.