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Meet Tzivos Hashem 


Meet the most powerful force in the world: An unstoppable army of young soldiers trained to conquer the world for Hashem and bring Moshiach. With the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s direction, Tzivos Hashem Headquarters designed a system of discipline that kids are motivated to join, and now CKids is bringing it to your home.  


Soldiers are trained to follow the orders of Torah with the ultimate commitment, using the light of mitzvos. Soldiers show the world who’s really in charge—Hashem. As more and more people recognize the Commander-in-Chief, the army marches closer and closer to victory. Will your community open an army base? 


Welcome to Hashem's Army 


The most powerful force in the world 


Every army has a goal. The goal of Tzivos Hashem is to conquer the four corners of the world by learning Torah, davening, and giving tzedakah. 

Soldiers every need is taken care of by the army, so that they can focus on the battle at hand. In Tzivos Hashem, our Commander in Chief takes care of our physical needs as well. Hashem blesses parents that they should have everything they need. This will help win this battle faster. 


Hashem’s Army is Different 


In other armies, the Commander in Chief stays behind while sending his soldiers out on dangerous missions. In Tzivos Hashem our Commander in Chief is with us wherever we are, even the youngest of children. 

In the military over the years, technology changes quickly. What soldiers fight with today is very different than what they fought with a couple years ago—and how much more so hundreds of years ago. 

In Tzivos Hashem the weaponry has never changed. It has always been and always will be Torah (learning), Avoda (davening), Gemilus Chasadim (Mitzvos, tzedakah). 


Comparisons Between an Army and Tzivos Hashem 


  • Soldiers: Every single Yid was enlisted by Hashem, who relies on us to wage His war. The army began when the Jews left Egypt. Since then, every Jew is part of Tzivos Hashem. 

  • Mission: Make it clear to the world that Hashem is the creator and the only one in charge. Being part of Hashem’s army is a great honor, privilege, and a serious responsibility.  

  • Base: Local Chabad house, where kids will be trained as Hashem’s dedicated soldiers. 

  • Uniform: Soldiers wear yarmulke and tzitzis; girls dress modestly. 

  • Orders: The Torah, where Hashem wrote all of our daily tasks and missions for special occasions.  

  • Registry: All soldiers are kept track of in a registry: their letter in the Sefer Torah. 

  • General: The Lubavitcher Rebbe, who helps us understand our orders and accomplish our mission. 

  • Commander: Local shliach and Hebrew School teachers, who help kids transform into soldiers. 

  • Battle Plan: Accept Hashem as our Commander-in-chief, then become living examples of Torah and mitzvos, doing only what Hashem wants every day. This is done, not through destruction, but by adding light. 

  • Victory: The army’s mission will be complete with the coming of Moshiach, when everyone will recognize Hashem and do only what He wants.  

Special power 

Children have a special power. The Torah was only given because children are the guarantors! They need to be taught torah even before the adults, and then the kids influence the adults as well. The simple desire for Moshiach is so much greater in children than in adults.

Impacting the world 

Tzivos Hashem actually impacts and affects the world. The health of the body is connected to the health of the soul. Learning Torah makes a person physically healthy. When we eat because the Torah says to, then we won't eat harmful foods or eat like a glutton. Our entire day should be in the way of Hashem, even when we are not davening, learning, and doing mitzvos. Eating and sleeping has to be in the way of Hashem, in order to fulfill Torah and mitzvos. 

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