Tzedakah is often mistakenly translated as “charity”, Tzedakah literally means to do the “right” thing. Everything that we have in our lives are direct blessings from Hashem, and ultimately belong to Hashem. Tzedakah is our way of using the gifts that Hashem gave us in the way that He wants them to be used - the right way. When we give Tzedakah our entire bodies are affected and made holy by the mitzvah, since earning money involves a person’s investment of their whole body. A great way to remind ourselves to fulfill this mitzvah is by making sure to have Tzedakah boxes in our homes, offices, and even bedrooms! And don’t forget - consistency is key! Instead of giving one lump sum at the end of the year, give a little bit every day to train yourself to be in tune with those who have less.

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Watch this video about the 8 levels of giving Tzedakah

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