Lag baomer Live!

Join thousands of children from around the world for a grand online Lag B’Omer Parade!

A Global Celebration of Jewish children and the power of Mitzvot
Featuring a live concert, entertainment, special guests, surprise raffles and more!

You be the Star! 
Submit a video of yourself to be included in the parade!

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Step 1: Choose a Mitzvah

Did you know there are a 613 Mitzvot in the Torah?!
A Mitzvah is a commandment from G-d, it also means connection.
When we do a Mitzvah we create a closer and stronger connection between us and G-d. How special is that?


Step 2: Showcase your Mitzvah

Now that you chose a Mitzvah- it’s time to include it in your parade!
Here are some ideas for how to present your Mitzvah 


Build a Model of you Mitzvah:
Use Legos, boxes, pipe cleaners, playdough, blocks


Create a Mitzvah Wand:
Use a empty paper towel roll or wooden stick as a base, twist and tie ribbon, tulle and yarn to it, add stickers and a picture of your Mitzvah


Act out how to do your Mitzvah


Make a Mitzvah Crown:
Cut a strip of paper long enough to go around your head and overlap slightly. Cut a zigzag pattern on the top edge and decorate with markers and stickers. Draw or print a picture of your Mitzvah. Wrap the paper around your head and staple to make a crown. Attach a picture of your Mitzvah to the center of your crown.

Decorate a Sign: 

Play some music to get your creative juices going!

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Step 3: Record a video of yourself
parading with your Mitzvah

Here are some great tips

  • Filming outside? Use sidewalk chalk to decorate a path where you’ll be parading with your Mitzvah. 

  • Filming inside? choose a space that you can walk through easily and will get a clear shot through the camera.

  • Dress up in a fun hat or costume! Boys- be sure to wear a kippah!

  • Ride your bike, scooter or roller blades

  • Choose a unique way to parade with your Mitzvah
    Riding on a bike or scooter? Attach it to the handlebars!
    Marching? Tape it to a stick and hold it loud and proud!


  • Make sure you are the main focus in the camera frame. We want to see you!

  • Hold your camera landscape

  • Introduce yourself: say your name, where you’re from, what Mitzvah you’re showing on your sign, and why you chose it. We want to hear you! Speak as clearly as you can. 

  • March, skip, hop, jump or ride with your Mitzvah project all the way down your “runway”!

  • Record yourself parading for 15 seconds

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Step 4: Submit your entry


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