present you mitzvah in style!

  • Build a Model of you Mitzvah: Use Legos, boxes, pipe cleaners, playdough, blocks
  • Make a Mitzvah Crown: Cut a strip of paper long enough to go around your head and overlap slightly. Cut a zigzag pattern on the top edge and decorate with markers and stickers. Wrap the paper around your head and staple to make a crown. Add a picture of your Mitzvah to the center of your crown.
  • Create a Mitzvah Wand: Use a empty paper towel roll or wooden stick as a base, twist and tie ribbon, tulle and yarn to it, add stickers and a picture of your Mitzvah
Before you film
  • Dress up in a fun hat or costume! Boys- be sure to wear a kippah!
  • Ride your bike, scooter or roller blades
  • Attach it to the handlebars of your bike or scooter or tape it to a stick and hold it loud and proud!

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